Comments from Participants

You made my trip to this convention (23rd ASEAN Council of Teachers Convention 2007) worthwhile.
Phoon Chong Chee
Principal, St Michael Institution
Ipoh, Malaysia

Thank you for a very good session. You are really a good teacher because you have included us in your activities. I have learnt many things and am more inspired to teach and let my children be more involved in classroom discussion.
Ms Sonia P Tango
10 years of teaching experience

You are really wonderful, Doc. We were not bored at all. I have learnt a lot from your presentation.
Jeffrey Remos Nanre
27 years of teaching experience
Sarawak Teachers Union, Malaysia

You are a good teacher. Thank you very much.
Mr Thirasak Suwanpanya
Tungfangwittaya School
Lampang, Thailand

It has been a very interesting session. Would you consider coming to Brunei?
Fatimah Ali Omar
Science Inspector

Dr Ho, you had used excellent anecdotes to bring your workshop to life. You are a true ‘Engineer’! You made connections between our interests/experiences and your content knowledge. It worked marvelously! I am now more confident in reflecting and re-evaluating my classroom teaching. Thank you!
Nor Adilah
2 years of teaching experience

Thank you for being so inspiring. You have re-lighted my fire! I have learnt that it is important to know the different types of pupil profiles in my class and the various practical ways to engage them in their learning. Thank you for modeling for us how we can teach effectively. Most importantly, I have learnt that the true spirit of learning is needed for me to constantly recharge and motivate myself.
4 years of teaching experience

I like this workshop very much! I have not attended a workshop where time flies so quickly. MBTI helps me understand the way I teach. Your workshop is very interesting and the best part is that it inspired me to do more now!
5 years of teaching experience

Dr Ho, attending your workshop is like drinking from a fountain of living water for those who are tired and thirsty. You speak life and love. It is empowering and embracing. The workshop embraces our differences and empowers us to walk this journey with love and passion. Your sincerity and passion are the key ingredients to the success of the workshop. You are truly a person of influence, just like how John C. Maxwell described it in his book.
Joyce Tang
6 years of teaching experience

I like the way you used stories to link concepts and emphasize or reinforce the learning points. Overall, this has been the most engaging and enriching workshop I have ever attended. You have hooked and held my interest for the last 3 days. Thanks for being so inspiring.
18 years of teaching experience

Highly engaging. Very informative and enriching.
   Injected with lots of relevant stories.

Boost teaching. Provides us with different perspectives to teaching
   and opportunities for reflection bring rich learning.

Terrific! Thank you for sharing your rich experience and learning.
   Your dynamic personality comes through effectively.
Caroline Khng
18 years of teaching experience

Dr Ho, you make learning such an enjoyable experience. You are like a spider spinning a web and connecting us to this vast world of learning called EDUCATION. You are a wonderful role model in that you make us want to listen to you, to desire to learn more. I am indeed very motivated by your passion.
Ju-lee Sng
21 years of teaching experience

Dr Ho, your 3 days of workshop was really amazingly enlightening. I really can sense God’s grace and anointing on your work. I am also touched by your great love – you made us feel comfortable and joyful.
27 years of teaching experience

Dr Ho, thank you for your advice in guiding our team in writing our AR paper. The sessions have been very beneficial, especially when what you shared with us were so clear and simple to understand. You had also given us very specific pointers and this help has been invaluable.
Grace Sum
8 years of teaching experience

The AR consultation sessions have been very helpful. Dr Ho has been very detailed with his approach and he supervises the process both at the macro and micro levels. A fruitful session, especially with the SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) software. These sessions are really eye-openers!
Mr Chng Hong Tatt
Action Research Team Leader

The AR sessions were very fruitful and useful. The trainer, Dr Ho, simplifies concepts and makes things lucid and clear. He is able to clarify our doubts and refine our research questions. Really appreciate your words of wisdom!
Chua Wee Nee, Elizabeth Wen, Hanim Ali and Rohani Ismail
Action Research Team