Skilful Art of Quality Service
Moving beyond techniques & routines

Excellent businesses are often distinguished by their quality customer service. In this workshop, participants will learn more about some simple and yet effective techniques and routines such as the 4Es of networking: Establish, Extend, Exchange, Engaged (Rezac, 2005) and the 6 levels of Unbelievable Quality Service (Kaufman, R.). Moving beyond these, participants will be introduced to the belief that such quality service can only come from within the individual. Outward excellence comes from inward passion!

Benefits of this Seminar
  • To appreciate the need and importance of providing quality customer service
  • To be equipped with the knowledge and skills of unbelievable quality service
  • To understand the relationships between customers, service and results

Profile of Facilitator: Dr Ho Boon Tiong, PhD

Boon Tiong has been involved in education for the last 21 years. He was a Gifted Education Specialist with the Ministry of Education for 6 years and for 4 consecutive years since 2000, he was conferred a Fellow with the Teachers’ Network of the Ministry of Education for his excellent contribution to the teaching fraternity.

From 1999 to 2006, he was a university professor and had held leadership roles and was involved as a member of the External Validation team of the Ministry of Education to schools as part of the quality assurance process. His wide-ranging research interests include teacher education, teaching of thinking, cognitive coaching and personal and organizational development.
Schedule: One full day

Recommended class size: 20 - 40 participants