Curriculum Integration, Curriculum Differentiation & Multiple Intelligences

This is a curriculum design workshop for (senior) teachers.

  • Curriculum Conceptions & Working Definitions
  • Ten Models of Curriculum Integration
  • The 6 Ps of Curriculum Differentiation
  • Case Study and Exercises
  • Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions
  • Checklist for Effective Lesson Planning
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Conceptual Map for Curriculum Planning
  • Development & Evaluation
  • Practical Issues in Implementing SBCD
  • Values Orientation in Curriculum & Assessment

Learning Objectives
  • Understand what curriculum design entails
  • Describe the ten models of curriculum integration
  • Describe the six Ps of curriculum differentiation
  • Plan a differentiated unit/lesson on a theme/topic of choice
  • Understand and apply Multiple Intelligences in the design of lessons
  • Acquire an enduring understanding and essential questions in curriculum design

Profile of Facilitator: Dr Ho Boon Tiong, PhD
Boon Tiong spent 21 years as an educator, including 7 years teaching in schools, 6 years in the Gifted Education Programme of the Ministry of Education and the last 8 years as a university professor. Recently, he had successfully provided consultation on Curriculum Development work to schools, the Ministry of Education and other organisations.

His belief in reflective practice and his passion in working with people made him a much sought after speaker and workshop facilitator. He is well known for his creative mind, lively humour, and enthusiasm.
Schedule: Three full days or six half days

Recommended class size: 20 participants